16 Marines Memorial Golf Tournament

16 Marines Memorial Golf Tournament - The Paul E. Schwefel Invitational

The Angel Organization is excited to be planing the first Annual 16 Marines Golf Tournament - The Paul Eugene Schwefel Invitational. 

In the islands of the Pacific Private First Class Paul Eugene Schwefel valiantly fought for weeks on end in unimaginable fighting conditions.  He returned home to raise a family of 4 in Long Island, New York.  A few family heirlooms were bestowed upon one of his surviving grandsons also who bare his name.  These treasures were 2 books given to Private Schwefel after the war by the Marine Corps. In one of these books, PFC Schwefel noted all of his friends that he lost in combat.  

Those 16 names are below:

4th Marines Killed In Action serving with Pvt. First Class Schwefel 

1- Sizemore, Curtis L., PFC -  Killed in Action - Marshall Islands

2- Armstrong, John B., 1st Lt - Killed in Action - Saipan

3- Eck, Arnold R., 1st Lt - Killed in Action - Saipan

4- Elder, Allen E., Sgt - Killed in Action - Saipan

5- Gentile, Gaetano A., PFC - Killed in Action -Saipan

6- Atwood, Dean W., 1st Lt - Killed in Action - TInian

7- Bird, Charles F., Corp - Killed in Action - Tinian

8- Bolis, Henry R., GySgt - Killed in Action - Tinian

9- Fry, Thomas M., Maj - Killed in Action - Tinian

10- Gasper, Steve G., ACk - Killed in Action - Tinian

11- Gilmore, Raymond J., PFC  - Killed in Action - Tinian

12- Kable, Harry E. Jr., PFC  - Killed in Action - Tinian

13- Ouderkirk, Harold W., PFC  - Killed in Action - Tinian

14- Overlock, Wendell R., Sgt  - Killed in Action - Tinian

15- Skinner, Harold H., PFC  - Killed in Action - Tinian

16- Zimmer, Harry J., LtCol  - Killed in Action - Tinian

In honor of these 16 men this tournament will raise funds and distribute them to families of 16 fallen Marines.  We are currently looking for the 16 family's of fallen marines that this tournament will benefit. The inaugural tournament will be held in 2020.

If  anyone knows anyone connected to these 16 men or Division/Regiment PLEASE reach out to us. - Pacific Campaign WWII - 4th Marine Division 14th Regiment 

If you feel you could help us with our cause please send us a message below. 

Thank you for your support. 


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