for others not us - TAO does not take one cent of any chapters donations


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Who are We?

 The Angel Organization is a philanthropic, multi-chapter organization dedicated to helping others by creating and hosting annual charitable events providing financial contributions and cause awareness. The Organization is a registered 501©3 with the state of Nevada and operates on benefactor donations enabling 100% of raised funds by individual chapters to be retained by the chapter for costs and cause disbursement. The executive board is made up a talented group of people including a Mensa international member business attorney, educational professional, civil servants and an entrepreneur. 


Our Founders Conviction - No Money for Us!

No one profits from this organization truly making it a nonprofit organization.  In today's unregulated nonprofit space there are many companies that abuse this model.  The founder was sickened to learn about the inner workings and lavish spending by one of the charities his family extensively donated to over the years. The Angel Organization does not take any percentage of the raised funds by its chapters.  We have a benefactor event in Las Vegas, Nevada annually that raises our operational costs.   Our Executive Director and all Chapter Directors are volunteer positions.  The munificence of our benefactors and willingness of our directors operates the organization.   At our core we are here to enable others to do good. We simply provide the means, guidance and structure for them to do so. 

About Us


Why We Started?

The formation of The Angel Organization was a response to the founder's conviction for a call to action.  Feeling helpless in the midst of a community tragedy was the spark that started its inception, along with grief from the passing of a cherished grandmother. The response was the first chapter organizing in December of 2014. We hope to grow nationwide and enable more people to act as angels for others.  We have an incredible choice & ability as human beings to save one another.  It comes down to doing it. 


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